Clinical Trials

EurofinsOptimed is the expertise center of the Eurofins group for all steps of your Clinical Trials.

EurofinsOptimed has led hundreds of clinical studies on behalf of the pharmaceutical and agro-food industries, with the aid of:
• A Clinical Pharmacology Unit for Phase I studies
• An international investigator network
• A stable and experienced clinical and medical team
• A monitoring team
• Data Management, Statistics and Medical Writing services
EurofinsOptimed has developed expertise, in terms of organization & management of clinical studies, medical writing and regulatory management.
A European Clinical CRO operating on a global level, OPIS is a full-service CRO providing premium trial management for multi-country clinical studies; we always offer state-of-the-art information technology solutions and innovative approaches to the increasing complexity and variety of projects.
OPIS extensive expertise covers all phases of drug-related trials, taking care of its sponsor beyond the therapeutic area, offering also accurate clinical investigations for medical and diagnostic devices.

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