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With 25 years of experience, Eurofins Agroscience provides variety of services to determine the safety and efficacy of new agrochemicals and crop varieties.


Field studies

-       Crop Residue Studies (GLP)

-       Crop Efficacy Testing (GEP)

-       EU & EPA import tolerance

-       Operator exposure studies

-       Baseline resistance monitoring

-       Varietal evaluation for traditional and trait products

-       Compilation & Submission of national & global regulation dossiers.

-       Selectivity trials

-       Eco-toxicology

-       Environmental fate & Behaviour (Dissipation / Accumulation)

-       Groundwater monitoring & field leaching.


Chemistry and Analytical Services

Eurofins Agroscience is primed for metabolism and structure identification in all relevant matrices such as soil, water, plants and animals. The same equipment and expertise also enables to identify impurities in product chemistry and to confirm identity for certificates or 5- batch analyses.



-       Standard tier testing with NTA and soil organisms

-       Aged residue and semi-field

-       Residue studies on terrestrial anthropods

-       Honey bee and bumble bee lab, brood, tunnel and field

-       Solitary bee lab, semi field and field

-       Predatory mite field studies

-       Earthworm field studies

-       Large scale studies

-       Non target plants

-       Aquatoxicology and microbiological testing

-       Monitoring

-       Residues in food sources and bee products.


A complete registration service


Eurofins Agroscience provides cost effective and efficient service for regulatory compliance, using full range of services leading to the compilation of registration documentation.



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