Non-clinical Trials

Accelera can support you in all stages of drug discovery and development by tailoring and personalizing services answering multiple needs.
In Accelera you can find flexible high level consulting service for helping you in pick the best, right from the start.
Accelera different qualified scientific teams can offer you a unique platform of integrated scientific activities and technological and regulatory expertise, built on decades of experience in the international pharmaceutical field. In addition, our advanced platforms and technologies are located in a wide modular structure that can easily develop projects for differentiated and specific business purpose.
Ina Research Inc. is located in Ina City, Nagano Prefecture, Japan, an area rich in nature and surrounded by the two mountain ranges of the Japanese Alps. For 40 years since its establishment, "INA" has been committed to the continual development of its expertise and technology in order to provide reliable services of the highest quality.
Reliability, though basic, is the core principle governing our business activities. We focus on maintaining a solid organization that practices respectable business ethics and does not compromises on quality to assist the reliable development of the nonclinical and clinical testing industries. We consider ourselves your partner in development
Founded in 1941 in Birmingham, Alabama, Southern Research is a scientific and engineering contract research organization that conducts drug discovery and development, environmental and occupational hazard characterization, advanced engineering research in materials and systems development, and energy and environmental technologies research. SR supports clients and partners in the pharmaceutical, agrochemical, biotechnology, defense, aerospace, environmental, and energy industries. We deliver quality results and a quality experience.
- Top Infectious disease CRO in the US with A/BSL-2 and 3 facility
- Comprehensive Oncolytic viral vector testing capabilities
Vivotecnia is a fully independent European Toxicology Safety Contract Research Organization (CRO) with Headquarters based in Madrid, Spain.
Specialized in the conduction of most of the preclinical in-vivo safety studies required for first-time-in-human trials. Their typical customers are companies embarked in the development of new drugs, either NCE or NBE including advanced therapy products.
Services include, among others, short and long-term full toxicity studies, pharmacokinetics, bioavailability or local tolerance. Vivotecnia works with a number of species, from mice to non-human primates (NHP) and using a wide range of administration routes.
Special highlights:
● State of the art NHP facility
● Worldwide unique inhalation exposure system
● Extensive experience with NBE and stem-cell based therapies

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