Clinical Trials

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As a worldwide leader in early clinical trials, the highly experienced team of EurofinsOptimed offers the full organization of your European clinical trial.


At EurofinsOptimed, we ensure the smooth and swift progress of your study at every step.


From inclusion to study monitoring, from study document definition to the final clinical report, we provide full or “a la carte” services.


Types of studies

- Safety profile

- Proof-Of-Concept

- Efficacy

- PK/PD trials

- Entry Into Patients


Study Management

- Clear communication: communication and interactivity with a single contact, the project manager in charge of your study

- Experienced team: with more than 25 years of experience in Project Management

- Proactive stance: thanks to EurofinsOptimed’s experience

- Flexible structure: As each project is unique, EurofinsOptimed is committed to your project to fulfil your requirements.



EurofinsOptimed offers you methodological support and advice for the design of your study, as well as expertise in early drug development and access to relevant experts.


To work with EurofinsOptimed is to be assured of having a well-designed study meeting your goals: respect of deadlines, precision and quality of the data collected at the right cost.


Patients are recruited in many therapeutic areas throughout Europe.

Global site Management services in:

- Oncology

- Central Nervous System

- Infectious Diseases

- Cardiovascular / Thrombosis

- Diabetes, Metabolism

- Ophthalmology

- Dermatology

- Women’s health


A one-stop shop

- Regulatory: submission to Ethics Committee and Competent Authorities

- Investigator site support: administrative, technical, clinical supply chain management

- Monitoring

- DMPK:Bioanalysis, Biomarkers, Immunogenicity

- Pharmaceutical services: Importation, Labelling, Storage, Delivery

- GMP Services, for Small and Large Molecules (Europe / US)

- Central Lab Services (Europe / US / Asia)


- Pharmacovigilance

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